Everything is Digital but I Want My Analog World Back!

Let’s be honest, technology has already overwhelmed some of us. For example, do you understand all the Settings in your smartphone? I’ll admit it, I don’t, but I know I should because inevitably I’m losing functionality or performance and could suffer something worse. That same phone, we’re told, has 10 times more advanced technology than put Neil Armstrong on the moon, so in theory, we could use our IPhone to visit another planet!

The point is; technology is complicated. Few of us understand code, or even what it is, but according to this Bloomberg article being able to create code will be elemental to living in a tech-dominated world. Have no doubt, we’re increasingly becoming a tech-dominated world.

The article is long but a really good attempt at explaining code for us laymen. Frankly, even after reading it three times, I’m even more overwhelmed! I can’t see how I’m ever going to start coding, but at least I now have a better idea of how it all works. I hope you gain insights too.

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